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 Basic Kneads 


Rattlin' Pots & Slammin' Pans  Since 1989


A bit About Rhea


Basic Kneads has 99% 5-Star Reviews

 Rhea has won many local cooking awards & takes great pride in each and every dish she crafts. 

Her years at the helm of the galley have been full of fun adventures that are too numerous to list.

Rhea says her happiest and most creative place is in the kitchen!


 How it Shakes Out


     Everything is carefully crafted by hand & from scratch with skilled determination.


     What you WILL NOT FIND at Basic Kneads:  boredom, a mess, pre-fabricated meals, packaged food, preservatives, additives, chemicals, mixes of any kind, packaged marinades, dressings, sauces or processed foods.

     What you WILL FIND in Our Kitchen:  stainless steel, energy, cookbooks, reading glasses, cleanliness, whole foods, single ingredients, professionalism, craftiness, silliness, dedication & music.


     Skilled in: multiple cuisines, special diets, custom recipes & menu creation, baking, nutritional science, healing foods, recipe adaptation,

stick-to-your-ribs food and the eagerness, ability & experience to cook anything.

                                         Licensed & Insured                                                                                  Specialty  Corporate Caterer

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